SVN Deegan Collins Commercial Realty Announces New Partner

SVN Deegan-Collins Commercial Realty, (SVNDCCR) is pleased to announce that Hans Hardisty has become a partner and managing director at the commercial real estate firm. Hans works in retail, office and multi-family properties, and is a specialist in the self-storage...

SVN’s 9.6% Report

Based on the report written by Solomon Poretsky, SVN International Corp.'s Executive Vice President of Organizational Development, this video summarizes the report and clearly explains why, in the world of commercial real estate, transactions where brokers cooperate...

The Tax Breaks Available to Donald Trump—And You

From The Wall Street Journal, 10/14/16 - Tax breaks have long been available to owners of rental real estate, but they are especially generous if the owner meets the tax-code definition of “real-estate professional.” Such landlords can shelter substantial wage or...

Tips to Make Better Commercial Real Estate Decisions

When you're in need of commercial office space, you're often facing a time-sensitive deadline. While you're likely going into the search for commercial real estate with a sense of urgency, it's vital that you still make a wise decision when it comes to site selection...

Outlook Brightens for Commercial Property

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif, Aug. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The outlook for commercial property prices has improved greatly over the past six months as investor angst has subsided and bond yields have declined to record lows. Read More